See What Others Have To Say

See What Others Have To Say

I am very pleased to recommend Lissa Qualls to your organization. Lissa is a talented, compassionate, and driven individual. She has strong leadership gifts and is ready and willing to serve others. Her faith in Christ is deep and sincere.  Lissa has a natural charisma that wins people quickly and a very real love for people. She did an amazing job facilitating my staff through the StrengthsFinder 2.0 training. Our team found deep value in the presentation and discussion led by Lissa.

I whole heartedly recommend Lissa to facilitate for your organization.


It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Lissa Qualls, PCC for your company.  Lissa trained my Senior Team for three months. In that position, she provided Executive Director Leadership Coaching to [me], as well as provided coaching and direction to eight of our senior team employees, which includes: [our] HR Manager, Finance Director, Grant Finance Director, I.T. Manger, Creative Director, Development Director, Tribal Epidemiology Center Director and our TEC Deputy Director. 

Lissa is an intelligent and personable individual. She is highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to. Lissa consistently stayed three steps ahead of me, providing me with support without supervision or direction. Lissa’s leadership skills and attention to detail was quickly noticed by [me] and our staff. Senior Team staff perceived Lissa as a valuable resource and looked to her for innovative direction and guidance during tough situations.


“Likes, Dislikes, Needs.  This section was very specific and informative about how my co-workers and I communicate.”  “She was Funny, energetic, well-spoken, fun”.
Joan S.

“I like the focus on strengths as opposed to weakness. It makes us think and connect with our real self.  AND I would definitely recommend her. She is extremely encouraging.”
Peri G.

“I like that we all know each other better now. She was friendly and handled the crowd well. Very interesting. Would recommend to other groups for team-building.”
Lauren D.

I came to Lissa with a large goal, ‘I want to be coached in a manner that helps me become a coach, and build my own practice.’ During the four months Lissa and I spent together, my life went through many twists and turns, and through her support and questioning methodology, not only was I able to stay on track with my goals, but I felt happier and more fulfilled in my life, even during the harder times.

I’m now on my way to completing an executive coaching program that is ICF accredited, as it’s an important next step for me to build my own business . . . Lissa provides a space where you are able to speak authentically. That level of support cultivates the client’s ability to truly go after what they desire, and achieve it. If you are willing to go after what you want in life, Lissa will be a guiding compass. Lissa will always get 10 stars out of 5 in my book :).”

Matt H.

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