Executive Leadership Coaching and Corporate Training

Executive Coaching and Corporate Training Solutions

Unlock it

1.5 hour training to help people understand how their unique strengths inform them.  How effective strengths use is essential in staying in a place of high passion and high performance.

Team Building

4 hours starting with Unlock It then delving more thoroughly into each person’s unique strengths, the contributions they bring to the team, and how the team can work better together.

Manager Training

This is a training program built directly with the company and customized to fit the company’s unique needs, as well as the needs of the managers inside the organization.


Training is always good, but coaching afterwards is where the true ability to apply what was learned happens.  The follow-up coaching is tailored to the needs of each individual company.

All Day SSOP Training

Engage in a Strength Strategies for Optimal Performance training and learn how to increase the performance of your company by learning and leveraging the strengths of your employees.


Creative Marketing Agency


“As is true with most creative organizations, great ideas are plentiful. In our case, as ideas flowed and projects amplified, the challenge of building a cohesive process became more difficult. It was a little like herding cats.

Our primary goal is to satisfy the needs of each unique client; and to do that we needed to build a unified approach among our team.”


“With a team of creative designers, strategists and data savvy analysts, effective communication has to become the cornerstone for outstanding productivity.

This is where Clarity came in. Lissa spent time with our team to help each member gain a better understanding of their individual strengths, and the strengths of the others around them. She helped us understand how to work better as a team, even if we weren’t all in the same office building. Lissa’s insight and recommendations had an immediate impact on our overall productivity!”

Leadership Training

Great leaders know one thing; that they don’t know everything. Men and Women who learn from others, blaze trails, cast vision, give credit where credit is due, are bold in the face of adversity, and embrace new ideas, are the leaders of the future – the type of leaders Clarity builds. 

Whether you’re leading a small team or a huge enterprise, our programs can help you uncover your full leadership potential. The results can be staggering!

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”

Sam Walton

Developing People Acuity ::

The One Skill That Impacts Everything

Optimal Performance Certificate Program:

Thirty 15-minute online modules with practices to go deeper on each performance topic with daily challenges to help you apply what you learn. For a complete list of topics for each day, go to peopleacuity.com.

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C2B Assessment and Online Modules

Measure your performance progress, before, during, and after learning experiences by taking the C2B Assessment, which measures your Work Joy, Team Connection, Proactivity, and Confident Vulnerability.

Organizations that have worked with Lissa experience great results!


Increase in Individual Performance


Higher Employee Retention


Increase in Organizational Revenue


Less Employee Absenteeism

Book a Leadership Training Session

Take your team to the next level. Learn techniques to improve communication and empower employees with the skills they need to achieve your organization’s goals.